Bad Jack is a dragon, and the main idolized antagonist in My Knight and Me.


Bad Jack is a green dragon. He has a large tail, 2 small horns, large claws, large wings, large spiky teeth, green eyes, which most are green. He also has yellow spots all over the front of his body.


Bad Jack is extremely hostile to any knight, squire, princess, or anyone that enters his territory. He isn't afraid of taking princesses or knights from The Land of Epic for his own reasons.


  • Flight- Due to having massive wings, he can fly at will.
  • Fire breath- Whenever Bad Jack is angered, his eyes turn read, and he breathes fire. At ties, he may shoot a single beam of fire, targeting the enemy, and at times, he makes a large explosion with his fire breath.



  • According to him, he's said to be Epic's most feared villain.
  • He is the bad guy that kidnaps Princess Jamie Orange the most.

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