The Blue Knights are anonymous knights of Epic. Their faces are never shown, hiding their identities. They are usually seen roaming the kingdom, or helping defeat a villain.

Here are unique blue knights, whom have small roles in My Knight and Me.

Map Knight

He is seen in How To Save a Princess, with a map of the kingdom. However, the wind blows it away and he loses it. He has a Scottish accent.

Frog Knight

The "Frog Knight" is seen as a normal frog in Bad Bad Mandolin. When the Witch comes to wreck havoc in the castle, she turns the frog into a knight.

Jubilee Knight

The Jubilee Knight gives back Henri's (original) Mandolin in Bad Bad Mandolin after Jimmy drops it off a cliff. He later plays the drums at the Jubilee.

Top Knight

The Top Knight is seen as #1 ranked knight on the leaderboard in Road Knight. However, this is temporary, as Henri becomes First Knight.

These are all of the unique knights so far. More coming soon, maybe!

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