The Cursed Forest Witch, aka Madame Witch, as her name suggests, is a witch, and an antagonist in My Knight and Me who lives in the Dark Forest.


Madame Witch's appearance is simple; Clothing and equipment includes her wand (along with a spare one), her broom, a single black rag as clothes, and a witch hat. Physical features include 2 sharp teeth, green eyes (which turn red when casting certain spells), pale skin, black nails, and long, red, unkempt hair.


Madame Witch's goal is to defeat the Queen of Epic, and rule the kingdom herself. This means that she will attempt to attack any form of defense in the kingdom, as seen in Witch Hunters, when she turns all of the knights of Epic into frogs, and puts them in a cage. Not much else is known about her personality.

When she is her alter-ego, Mickey, she acts arrogant, and dislikes the children's attempts to play music. She also dislikes Ronny Flash's show, saying "It's like watching paint dry, but not as exciting".


  • Mickey- Mickey is a famous judge. Everyone in Epic is excited to see him, and eventually, he pulls up in a "convertible" carriage. He is harsh to most people in the kingdom, and calls off the children in the talent show, knowing they have no musical taste.


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  • Madame Witch has numerous unnamed sisters
  • Madame Witch can make a projection with her eyes, as seen in Bad Bad Mandolin, when she uses her eyes to project video feed of the kingdom.