Henri Orange is a knight, and the father of Jimmy Orange. He seems to be the clumsy but chivalrous one of the trio. Since Especially Small, he is the First Knight of the kingdom.


Henri's armor includes an orange and brown vest, orange and brown boots, orange and brown gloves, metal shoulder pads, and chainmail undercoating, which he always wears as a hood, and a belt around his waist.

Physical features include orange eyebrows, orange eyes, and a small beard.

In Talent Show, in a flashback to when he was a kid, he had mushroom-cut blonde hair.


Henri may be well known for his courage, chivalry, but mostly for his clumsiness. He is mostly kind to others, and is always willing to help those in need. He can also be very clumsy, an example is how he doesn't know how to spell "How", and often missing the target whenever he tries to launch himself.



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  • Henri's hair (on his head) is never exposed, as he always wears a chainmail hood.
  • Henri is based on the main character of 850 Meters, a show of a knight looking for a legendary sword.