Kurt is a minor character, a squire, who made his debut in How To Save a Princess. He is often bullied by Lance.

In The Sorcerers he asks Perlin if something will be on the test.

He is the eponymous character of Kurt the Shining Squire.


Kurt wears usual squire attire, which includes a simple green vest, brown buttons, a belt, green boots, and chainmail undercoating. His physical features include brown hair that is cut into a bowl style, brown eyes, and a (somewhat) pointy nose.


Kurt is constantly bullied by Lance, who usually takes his lunch, which is usually a sandwich, and does nothing to defend himself, possibly afraid of the consequences. At the end of How To Save a Princess, with Kurt's approval, Jimmy puts "a little extra something" in his sandwich, possibly an emetic, knowing Lance would take it and eat it, which could possibly explain that they're somewhat friends.



  • Kurt is seen in 2 other episodes (as a cameo character), staring at Princess Cat conversing with others.