Princess Catherine is one of the main characters of My Knight and Me. She is a princess, although she dislikes most princess standards, and displays a rebellious attitude to the princess stereotype.


Cat dons a silver vest, purple sleeves and skirt with stripes on the sleeves, and a golden bow around her waist. She also wears chainmail leggings, silver boots with buckles on each, and multiple bracelets on each arm. When in Princess training school, she wears her hair down, and when on an adventure, or normally hanging out with Jimmy and Henri, she keeps her hair up with a purple handkerchief. She has lightly tanned skin, small freckles, and a single mole on the bottom of her left cheek, also having brown eyes, and long brown hair with bangs that cover her forehead.


Despite being a princess of the land of Epic, she dislikes princess stereotype, and loves fighting, unlike a normal princess stereotype. She is danger-seeking, reckless, but is overall caring for her friends, and would risk her own life for them.



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  • Cat wishes to be a Princess-Knight when she grows up.
    • in Cat's in the Bag Henri refers to Cat as "the Princess Knight" in his song to her
  • The Queen is the only non-Orange to know about Cat's real dreams.
  • Princess Cat possibly has romantic feelings to Jimmy shown in specific episodes where Jimmy and Princess Cat blush in ways of possible romance.