Princess Jamie Orange is a genderbent version of Jimmy, but is more emotional and fearful than Jimmy. She is the daughter of Queen Henrietta Orange. Princess Jamie is known to be real beautiful and have a real beautiful dress that is pink, red & black with pink panties under her skirt. She is also best friends with Cynthia, Cat & Jimmy. She has no father because when she was 4 years old her dad was killed by 12 dragons and she has been afraid of dragons ever since and has been crying a lot of the time. Princess Jamie's father is possibly a wizard because she is also known to be good at using magic. She is also wearing a blue jacket over her dress.


Princess Jamie has orange hair and wears a pink, red and black dress with pink panties under the skirt. She has blue eyes as well. Princess Jamie also wears a platinum tiara with a ruby, sapphire & amber and wears black leg warmers and black boots. She also wears a purple headband. She also wears a blue jacket.


Princess Jamie is fearful, shy, emotional, kind-hearted, caring, loving, gentle, helpful, smart & cheerful.

Behind the scenes

Princess Jamie is scared of dragons and cries when she sees one because her father was killed by a dragon when she was little. She is known as a crybaby cause she always cries a lot especially when she is kidnapped cause she cries a lot more than usual.


  • Princess Jamie is the only character that cries the most often.
  • Princess Jamie is usually kidnapped by Bad Jack who is a dragon and she is afraid of dragons.
  • Princess Jamie is one out of most of the princesses that cries in sorrow, sadness and fear.

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