Princess Jamie Orange is a genderbent version of Jimmy, but is more emotional and fearful than Jimmy. She is the daughter of Queen Henrietta Orange. Princess Jamie is known to be real beautiful and have a real beautiful dress that is pink, red & black with pink panties under her skirt. She is also best friends with Cynthia, Cat & Jimmy. She has no father because when she was 4 years old her dad was killed by 12 dragons and she has been afraid of dragons ever since and has been crying a lot of the time. Princess Jamie's father is possibly a wizard because she is also known to be good at using magic. She is also wearing a blue jacket over her dress.


Princess Jamie has orange hair and wears a pink, red and black dress with pink panties under the skirt. She has blue eyes as well. Princess Jamie also wears a platinum tiara with a ruby, sapphire & amber and wears black leg warmers and black boots. She also wears a purple headband. She also wears a blue jacket. She wears a special charm bracelet that her mom gave to her when she was 3. She also is wearing an engagement ring from Calvin so 1 day they'll be married.


Princess Jamie is fearful, shy, emotional, kind-hearted, caring, loving, gentle, helpful, smart & cheerful.

Behind the scenes

Princess Jamie is scared of dragons and cries when she sees one because her father was killed by 12 dragons when she was little. She is known as a crybaby cause she always cries a lot especially when she is kidnapped cause she cries a lot more than usual.


  • Princess Jamie is the only character that cries the most often.
  • Princess Jamie is usually kidnapped by Bad Jack who is a dragons and she is afraid of dragons.
  • Princess Jamie is one out of most of the princesses that cries in sorrow, sadness and fear.
  • Princess Jamie loves cute baby animals like kittens, puppies, calves & others.
  • Princess Jamie knows that Jimmy and Princess Cat have romantic feelings for each other.