The Red Knight is a recurring character in My Knight and Me. He is a coach for Squire School.



The Red Knight dons a red piece of armor, red shorts, shoulder blades, red gloves, a belt around his waist, a whistle, red boots, chainmail undercoating, and a viking-like helmet.

Physical features include dark skin, brown eyes, a black beard, and a black mustache. When he was young (around 10), he had a black afro. Currently, he's bald.


The Red Knight acts much like a Drill Sargent; he yells orders at people who don't follow them, he expects the Squires to do fighting hand-to-hand, etc. He is considered a "Master Knight", due to training Squires every day.

When he was young (about 10), he used to be mischievous, as he started a spitball fight in the middle of sorcery class.


  • Jimmy and Cat - In How To Save a Princess, the Red Knight becomes annoyed by Jimmy and Cat not following straight directions. In Back To School, Jimmy and Cat are his assistants to re-train all of the knights. They apologize when the knights don't cope with each other, but the Red Knight says that it's not their fault.
  • Colbert - The Red Knight seems to be good friends with Colbert.


  • The Red Knight is 1 of the 3 knights with important identities.
  • The Red Knight is the only person in the kingdom seen wearing shorts.