General Rules

  • People must be at least 13 years old to contribute to the wiki.
    • People below 13 may go on the wiki, but can't edit, as it's an actual law.
  • Do not vandalize on this wiki.
  • Do not spam anywhere on this wiki.
  • Do not edit other user's profiles.
  • Do not harass or bully others.
  • Do not post links to malicious sites.
  • Do not advertise.
  • No sexual material or gore.
  • Do not swear excessively.
  • Non-admin users cannot give warnings to others, only friendly reminders.
  • Do not post anything non-related to pages.
    • This includes opinions, theories, etc.
  • Do not attempt to sockpuppet out of a block.
    • Sockpuppeting may include changing your IP, making another account, or logging out to edit the wiki anonymously.
      • Further actions may extend your block.


  • You must create a wikia account to edit any pages on this wiki.
  • Read each article carefully before editing.
  • Do try to be as accurate as possible when editing articles.
  • Do your best to keep any abbreviations that may be used consistent.
  • Do not make the articles redundant.
  • Do not create unnecessary/spam articles.
    • If you want to theorize about the story, a character, or anything of the sort, create a blog or forum post instead.
  • Do not add unnecessary categories to pages.
  • Check spelling and grammar before finalizing an edit.
  • Do not attempt to slip your own theories into a wiki page.
    • This also goes for indirectly trying to disprove theories. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  • Keep information consistent.
  • Do not add fan-made content such as fan art and edits to galleries.

Literary Rules

All pages on this wiki should reach a certain standard of comprehensibility. They should be free from:

  • Incorrect spelling
  • Incorrect grammar
  • Unnecessary capitalization
  • Unnecessary punctuation or lack thereof
  • Poor sentence structure

If any of the following are seen in a page, please take the time to edit and fix them. Remember to read what you are editing carefully, do not "correct" something that doesn't need correcting.