Wilfreid of White is a recurring character in My Knight and Me. He is the uncle of Lance White.


Wilfreid somewhat represents Prince Charming. He wears a white and gold chest piece, white and gold gloves, a white and gold belt around his waist, white and gold boots, and chainmail undercoating.

Physical features include a trim head, long blonde hair, and blue eyes.


Wilfreid is much like Lance; he is usually snobby and arrogant, and has a great dislike for the Oranges.

During missions, he puts himself and his own needs above other's, such as refusing to battle, because he and his horse needed their pedicure. During battle, he is usually cowardly, and tends to hide behind anything, and presumably has no experience with combat.


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  • It was believed for some time that Wilfreid was once Lance's father, until Lance called him "Unky Wilfreid" in The Helmet of Epic.